Wow! This Woman Re-purposed Her Wedding Photos for Every Holiday and Friends’ Birthday Ever

Athens, Ga.

Last night Mary Kate Townsend, 28, used yet another of her own wedding photos in a Happy Birthday wish posted to her friend Jennifer’s Facebook wall.

“I figured it was coming,” offered Jennifer, “she’s been pulling photos from her Dropbox ‘Wedding’ folder to post pictures on all her family and friends walls’ since she got married last August.”

Jennifer recalled that Townsend selected a veil-and-lace-clad photo of herself standing beside her brother to wish him a Happy Birthday back in March. On Mother’s Day, under a hyperbolic declaration that Mary Kate had the greatest mother in the world, lay a photograph of mother and daughter, arms intertwined, Mary Kate again donning the conspicuous white gown.

“We know we’re all gonna see another wedding photo post on Father’s day, and then for Sidney’s birthday and Mark’s Birthday too,” speculated Ryan, Mary Kate’s brother-in-law. “She posted a wedding photo of herself on my wife’s wall for our 5-year anniversary. Where does it end?” Ryan inquired.

Where would it end, indeed. Mary Kate confirmed that she was planning to post a Fourth of July wedding-dress-photograph showing her and her husband posing with miniature American flags.

We talked to Mary Kate and Joel’s wedding photographer, Megan Stiller.

“They had props for every holiday with them on the day of the wedding. Santa hats, a Menorah (Joel’s family is Jewish), pumpkins, they had a 14″ x 22” poster board with “I have a dream” on it in calligraphy. Look, I didn’t care what they wanted to do, just as long as their check cleared,” said Megan.

“My dress was $2,700, hair and makeup was $125, the photographer cost $3,800″ Mary Kate calculated. All together, that’s $6,625. Now, if I divide that by the number of times I post a photo of myself with someone else from my wedding day on social media, I will feel way less exploited by the wedding industry. Also, let’s be real, I looked damn good at my wedding, like really, really, good,” recalled Mary Kate.

For the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter friends and followers of Mary Kate Townsend, there seems to be no wedding photograph relief in sight.

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