35-Year-Old Woman Reported Missing on Her Birthday, The Reason Why Will Horrify You

Deborah Sussman, age 35, was reported missing two weeks ago. Her husband, Tom Sussman told us that after Deborah celebrated her 35th Birthday at a bar with her friends two Fridays ago, she never returned home.

“We just don’t understand what could have happened to her,” said Tom Sussman. “The weirdest part is that the kids and I, we come home to the same dinners she used to make, and the bills are still getting paid, which is what Deb used to do.”

Odder still, more and more of these cases are popping up all over the country.

“You just hate seeing cases like these, women, specifically mothers in their mid-to-late thirties just disappearing,” remarked Senior Investigator Dale Marlowe. “We can’t figure out why this keeps happening, we never find the bodies in this cases either. And it’s not just normal women disappearing, it’s actresses, professional female athletes, my favorite stripper at Pole Cats. It’s like these are all pieces of a large mysterious puzzle.”

The family has had an unusually hard time coping with the disappearance of it’s matriarch, especially Deborah’s daughter, Ashley. “I’m not imagining anything!” exclaimed the clearly hysterical 12-year-old girl. “She’s not missing! She picks me up from school every day at 2:45, she drives me to soccer practice on Wednesday nights! Last week she helped me paint a model of the solar system!” the disillusioned child insisted.

Deborah’s husband has taken her disappearance quite hard, regularly suffering bouts of paranoia. “Someone is making me sandwiches, I just don’t know who,” Tom remarked. “Maybe it’s time for me to start dating again,” he added.

Deborah’s coworkers are reacting similarly. “It is weird that all of her work is still getting done,” said coworker David Schall. “Plus, now I’m hearing voices during meetings saying things like ‘It would be a good idea to push the launch up to quarter one’ and then I repeat that same phase a little bit louder and everyone tells me what a good idea I just had.”

We talked to a group of college students who were at the bar the night Deborah went missing. Steven Weiss said “Yeah, I saw some ladies at the bar that night, there was this one girl, named Monika, with a k, she had a full tattoo sleeve and was wearing this sexy little blue crop top. Her friends were pretty hot too.” When asked about Deborah and her friends, Steve mentioned that he definitely didn’t notice any other hot women in that bar, but that he did see a birthday cake sitting near some half-empty glasses of Sauvignon Blanc. He noted that he kept hearing the occasional chorus of enthusiastic “woooo’s” but that he never did figure out where it was coming from.

We talked to a woman at Deborah’s gym who said she is still haunted by this tragic story. She reported that a few times a week she sees a ghost-like pale figure running on what used to be Deborah’s favorite elliptical machine. The pale, disheveled figure always wearing a pair of loose fitting sweatpants and a worn, baggy Foo Fighters T-shirt.

“On occasion these women do turn up again,” said investigator Marlowe. “A 35-year old woman went missing two streets over from my house and showed up a year later with a pair of leather pants and double D breast implants.”

Since first publication, a woman claiming to be Deborah called into The Blend Weekly from Deborah’s personal cell phone number and provided the following statement, “I am Deborah. I am not missing. I just turned 35. I don’t understand what the big deal is. Why is no one paying attention to me anymore?” Creepy.

If you have any information regarding Deborah’s whereabouts, please contact us at investigation@theblendweekly.com


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