Homewreckers Relieved to Be Replaced by U.S. Border Patrol as Number One Cause of Destroyed Families

Outrage has been building in the United States and around the world regarding a new policy change which has been stripping children away from their parents at the southern border of the United States.

Since the enforcement of a new policy meant to punish illegally immigrating families and families seeking asylum, outraged Americans have been protesting, donating to the ACLU and Raices, and calling their local representatives.

Many people have compared what is happening at the U.S. border to Nazi Germany Concentration Camps or Japanese Internment Camps. Democrats are rushing legislation to prevent the separation of families, entire communities are in uproar, but there is one group of people who aren’t as disturbed by what’s happening as you might think.


Yes, homewreckers. The men and women who’ve participated in an illicit affair with a married person with children, leading to divorce and the subsequent separation of their family.

We talked to a few homewreckers for more information.

“Oh, don’t get me wrong,” says Nicole Jensen, 31, “it is horrible what is happening at the border, it’s an atrocity. And I know it’s selfish, but the thing is, I used to feel so guilty for splitting up Mark and Jennifer’s marriage. Mark only got to see the kids every other weekend, Jennifer spray painted F*&%ing C*&# across my Honda Accord. I mean I felt horrible. But what the U.S. Border Patrol is doing now? This is like so much worse than what I did.”

Todd Mullins had similar sentiments. “I mean I never put any kids in cages, sure Maria had to sell the house and move into a two-bedroom apartment with two teenagers to afford the divorce, but those kids were free to roam about that 815 square foot apartment as they pleased. I am basically Gandhi compared to the U.S. border patrol.”

Todd and Nicole, though glad to have the heat off of them for once, did donate to the following organizations and requested that we share that information here.



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