Six Gym Exercises that’ll Have Men Asking “Is She Hitting on Me?”

1. Barbell Glute Bridge

Young attractive brunette women doing exercise for buttocks - the rise of a body lying over the bar

Everyone knows that the two sexiest words known to men in the English language are ‘Glute’ and ‘Bridge.’ And this exercise combines them. This brave woman has added a barbell on her crotch to really up the ante and put herself out there. Thrusty.

2. Quadruped Hip Extension

Girl doing exercises on rug

This hip extension glute exercise will be sure to indicate to any man, woman, or child within a 50 yard radius that you are D.T.F. Rowr! Cool it down tiger, we get it! You’re trying to “improve your cardiovascular strength” or something.

3. Kneeling Cable Crunch 

This one is so sexy I honestly don’t even think it would be appropriate to post a picture. Draw the blinds, go incognito mode, look it up.

4. Squats


This classic move won’t just work your quads, glutes, and hamstrings, it’ll also work the necks of all your male admirers at the gym. We get it, you’re “trying to promote bone density retention” and “decrease your LDL Cholesterol levels.” But also you are sticking your butt out and men are automatically going to assume that means you want to enter into a 6-month-long relationship with them. Minimum.

5. Literally Any Yoga Pose

acro-yoga-active-balance-1139481 (1)

They won’t know what this pose is called, but they are going to be 30% impressed and 100% turned on by it.

6.  Whatever this Pregnant Woman is Doing


Ok, pregnant women are just beautiful, glowing creatures by default and if you combine that with an exercise ball, men are going to take notice. They are going to be saying things like “when is that baby due?” and “have you ever considered having an open marriage?”  Can you blame them?!

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