Selfless, Heroic Americans Donate to Border Wall GoFundMe to Protect Immigrants from U.S. Mass Shootings

Miramar, FL

December 15th. A selfless, generous, goddess of a man, Brian Kolfage becomes the hero that would-be immigrants everywhere, never knew they needed.

When Brian learned that his, and many other American’s dream of erecting a two-thousand mile wall along the country’s southern border was in danger, he lept to action, in the form of creating a border wall GoFundme.

Building a borderwall is an emergency if there has ever been one. Why? Currently, people who do live in the United States live in contstant fear of becoming victims of the next firearm-related killing spree. Perpetually agonizing over the moment when the next disgruntled white male will, on a whim, purchase a semi-automatic weapon at his neighborhood Walmart.

And what have we done about this problem? Nothing!

Sure, American citizens, distraught parents, college students, even highschool students have been protesting, letterwriting, voting for gun reform, pleading with their local representatives to create change. But it seems that very little has changed.

Brian Kolfage is actually doing something about it. By starting a GoFundMe to build a boarder wall, Brian is showing the world that he is committed to the safety of millions of Central and South American people. People, who otherwise, would be crossing the border into an NRA-sponsored warzone.

Brian wants to protect immigrants from tragedies like The Las Vegas shooting, the Orlando Nightclub shooting, the Virginia Tech shooting, the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, the Sutherland Springs Church shooting, the Stoneman Douglas High school shooting, the Aurora Shooting the, Thousand Oaks shooting, the Pittsburgh Synangogue shooting, the Washington Navy Yard shooting, the Santa Fe High School shooting, just to name a few.

Brian Kolfage is such a hero, that he wants to put the safety of immigrant men, women, and children over the safety of his own family, friends and neighbors. Wow. Even more inspiring is the thousands of American’s who feel the same way and have donated to his cause of protecting immigrants from U.S. based gun violence.

Brian is not going to stand idly by, while innocent men, women and children enter a country with the highest rate of mass shootings in the world. And neither should you. Donate today.


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