Woman’s Amazon Purchase of 6 – 10 ml Essential Oil and Diffuser Set Finally Going to Turn Life Around

Snohomish — Washington

Local woman, Amy Greenwald, decided to take control of her life this past week with an Amazon one-click order of 6 – 10 ml Essential Blended Oil and Diffuser Set.

A few days ago, Amy reported via FaceTime to her best friend that she was feeling lonely, depressed, and lacking both self worth and sense of purpose in her life.

Woah, watch out Amy’s sense of self actualization! Because she just ordered a set of 6 blended essential oils. With names like calm, sleep, thrive, energize, heal, and inspire, these essential oils are about to give Amy’s existential dread the forceful kick in the balls it deserves.

Amy’s lack of satisfaction at work is no match for that lemon verbena scented “energize oil” diffusing through her grungy unwashed dish laden kitchen. Depression sure is a bitch, but Amy is heavily optimistic that the right combination of thrive, energize, and heal is gonna nip that pesky, ever-looming depression right in the bud.

As for the inspire blend? Amy has a sneaking suspicion it’s going to help in addressing some of those severe communication issues she and Mark have been having.

Shop on, Amy, shop on.




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