Local Man Suspends Misogyny Long Enough to Enjoy U.S. Women’s World Cup Win

Local man, Kevin Glassman, doesn’t watch women’s sportsusually.

But yesterday, at 11 am Eastern time, Kevin made a big exception. Kevin tuned in to watch the United States women’s soccer team defeat the Netherlands women’s team 2 – 0.

“What can I say? It was an exciting match, and an exciting moment for our country,” said the man, who earlier in the year, went on a tirade about being bored by “good fundamentals” in women’s basketball.

Though Kevin has never watched an entire women’s basketball, softball, hockey or rugby game, he announced that he was feeling optimistic about the future of women’s sports.

Kevin added that he would have absolutely no problem watching more women’s sports in the future if the team he supported was on the verge of winning on a global scale.

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