Animal Crossing: How to Earn Nook Miles Now that Tom Nook has Officially Issued a Shelter-in-Place for All Islanders

We are all living in a scary, uncertain and unprecedented time. Our daily lives have changed dramatically and there is a great sense of unease shared amongst all of us.

In an effort to show solidarity and mirror recent events happening in the real world, Nintendo will be pushing a new update (version 1.1.4) for Animal Crossing New Horizons. The major change with this update is that Tom Nook will announce a shelter in place for all islanders. 

Until May 1st, islanders will not be allowed to leave their homes unless it is for essential activities such as pear picking (please, only take what you need), grocery shopping, or purchasing wasp sting medication. Masks are also available for purchase in the Nook Stop, when in stock (good luck!), and should be worn at all times when your islander is outside their home.

I know this update sounds crazy, but don’t freak out. There are still several ways you can still earn Nook Miles in the comfort of your home (man, let’s hope you’ve been upgrading it!).

  1. Wash your hands 30 times per day 
    Hand washing is incredibly important in a pandemic! Don’t forget to sing happy birthday twice while using a copious amounts of soap and warm water. Washing your hands 30 times daily will earn you 150 nook miles each day. Scrub a dub dub!
  2. Sew colorful and fun masks for you and the other islanders
    Quarantine hygiene doesn’t have to be boring! Create your own designs or use a template from the design section of the game to create makeshift face coverings. Make 10 masks to earn 300 Nook Miles. You can also sell them to Timmy at Nook’s Cranny for a price gouge of 3,000 bells each. Who knew your islander was so…er…opportunistic?
  3. Change into yoga pants outfit
    As the pandemic escalates, your mom will mail you a pair of yoga pants. She’ll write something about the importance of staying active blah blah blah. Once you receive them, put them on! This will get you 150 Nook Miles, feel free to wear them while you lay in bed all day, no exercise required!
  4. Drink cocktails between the hours of 11 am and 3 pm
    When you go to the shop for essential items, Timmy will sell you a recipe for a fermented pear moonshine, nice! New quarantine rules encourage your islander to indulge in a relaxing adult beverage or two in the middle of the day. Consuming at least three cocktails will get you 150 miles.
  5. Order from Grubhuband refuse to open the door for the delivery person
    Patronizing the local restaurants during these economically difficult times is a really great way to earn Nook Miles – you’ll get 150 per delivery order, but it will also cost you 300 bells each time. When the delivery person gets to your door, awkwardly motion for them to leave the bag on the ground. A non-contact delivery will earn you and additional 50 Nook Miles.
  6. Fight incessantly with your significant other
    If you’ve reached the stage in the game where you have a live-in crocodile romantic partner, make sure you make the most of quarantine by picking 5 fights with them per day. This will earn you Nook Miles and severely test the strength of your relationship! Not sure what to fight about? Pick anything. They left dishes in the sink too long. They are being too positive when it feels like the world is crumbling beneath us. They are giving you too much or too little attention. You’re not sure a human and a crocodile should be together. Intimacy issues. Whatever! 5 petty fights = 500 Nook Miles! Remember, it’s never your fault!
  7. Consume too much news media and have a panic attack
    It’s important to stay abreast of current events in New Horizons. Pull up your phone app and load the news feature to read and fixate on 10 news articles per day. Once your islander reads 10 articles they will start experiencing extreme helplessness. Read 5 more for a full blown panic attack – worth 300 Nook Miles. Send the most emotionally crushing content to your islander friends to stay in contact.

Good luck earning Nook Miles, and feel free to comment if you find more quarantine earning methods!

Stay safe.

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