Woah! This Episode of Bar Rescue is Just Jon Taffer Screaming at Scientists to Make Vaccines Faster

In possibly the most heated episode of the hit Spike TV show Bar Rescue, tensions ran high as Jon Taffer berated a group of Pfizer PhD’s for the full 50-minute episode.

“Every restaurant in the country is suffering because of the mismanagement of this laboratory, I mean look at these scientists, they should be screening 3 potential vaccines per hour. I’ve been waiting at my table for 45 minutes and not a single Scientist in this lab has brought me a promising vaccine candidate!” fumed Jon.

“We tried to explain to him that vaccines can take months to years to develop, you can’t just wave a magic wand and cure a pandemic. He called me lazy and accused me of making excuses as well as ruining the restaurant industry and global economy,” recounted Michael Jeffries, Senior Immunologist.

Michael wasn’t the only person being bullied in the lab.

“After working for 12 hours yesterday, I told Jon I needed to get home to be with the kids before my husbands 7 pm nightshift. He questioned my commitment to the team and told me not to bother coming back.” said Diana Thompson, director of R&D.

“Due to all the stress and burden of guilt Jon has put on us, I’ve cried at my lab station three times this week. Jon told me that my tears better be an active ingredient in one of the formulations I’m testing. They aren’t,” added Amber Meyers, lab technician II.

“If they think the way they’ve been running this lab is acceptable, they are in for a huge wake-up call. Their actions here, or lack thereof, have run every restaurant on the planet into the ground. If I don’t see some serious changes with the attitude and ability of this staff to develop a vaccine for Covid-19 in the next 3 hours, I am out of here!” raged Jon.


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