GODDAMNIT! This oblivious ANGRY White man Just Started an #AllTargetsMatter Movement

Sandusky, OH

Jesus Christ.

Overwhelmed by the emotional response of what he calls “misplaced anger” in relation to a looted Lake Street Target location in Minnesota, one local man took it upon himself to start an All Targets Matter Movement. 

Christopher Davis shouted the following diatribe regarding his newfound movement.

“There is nothing that I care about more in this country than large corporations continuing to benefit from the capitalism machine. And I think some of these angry white people placing all of their worry on the Minnesota Target is misplaced. They are missing the point entirely!”

Chris continued.

“My point is that ALL Targets matter. Everyone keeps talking about this ONE target that was looted, but the truth is that all of them are important, and I want to make sure that everyone knows that.”

Chris yelled some more.

“Furthermore, I think it’s total bullshit that just because this PARTICULAR target was looted and destroyed, that it should get to collect insurance money to rebuild to be just AS GOOD, or God forbid, BETTER than the other Targets. If this looted Target is going to get all new inventory of items and groceries, why shouldn’t all the other stores get all new things too? New merchandise, new windows, new signs and new renovations? What message does focusing on this one Target send to the rest of the Targets in the country – do they not matter? Does my local Sandusky, Ohio Target not matter?!”

The Blend asked Chris for his thoughts on the clear and obvious police brutality that has been ravaging Black Communities for hundreds of years. We asked Chris about the recent murders of Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade and George Floyd. among many others, by police which sparked mass civil unrest, protests, and riots which led to the looting of the Target. Chris responded that he’s “just been so focused on the all of the Targets that he didn’t spend too much time looking into those things.”

“There are only so many hours in a day, and I really feel like my day is best spent making sure ALL Target stores are being considered here.”

As the Blend correspondent covering the story I feel the need to include an opinion statement here:

“I’ve never interviewed a person who so obviously and egregiously missed the point so many times with the creation of one movement. It’s like he double or even triple missed the point. Please remain focused on what is important here, which is justice for black americans and changing policies to keep them safe. Take the time to keep protesting police brutality, writing to your local representatives about defunding and reforming police, donating money to organizations fighting for change, and continuing to have difficult conversations with your friends and family members.”




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