Convenient! This gym membership can only be canceled by carrier pigeon

Chicago, IL

Wishing to cancel her gym membership, local woman, Sheila Grey, learned that the cancelation process would be slightly more involved than anticipated.

“It was easy enough to sign up, ” Sheila remembered. She recounted that she simply walked in the door and was immediately helped by an associate who was happy to record her credit card information and get her immediate access.

However, with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Sheila felt that returning to the gym since its’ reopening last week would not be in her best interest.

“I knew the right thing to do would be to cancel my membership, I just really wish I had read the fine print on the gym’s cancelation policy when I signed up last year,” admitted Sheila.

According to the gym’s policy, sign-ups can be completed in person and online. Cancellations, however, must be submitted in writing and delivered via a trained carrier pigeon.

“I have to admit, I didn’t know the first thing about the process of acquiring homing pigeons from breeders, building them a loft, or training them to deliver tiny scrolls of paper. It was all a bit overwhelming. What’s nice is that there seems to be a growing online community of resources for pigeon owners that has spawned for the very reason of canceling gym memberships,” Sheila reported.

“I’ve met some pretty cool people online who also needed to cancel their gym memberships. Everyone I’ve talked has been super friendly. They’ve been willing to share loft blueprints, prefered bird seed brands, and people even post on a message board for lost homing pigeons,” she added.

“Once you subtract all the expenses associated with the purchase and maintenance of my homing pigeons, I’m netting about $6 per month in savings from my membership cancellation. Not bad!” Sheila bragged.

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