Wow! These Parents are Solving Their Childcare Woes By Sending Their Children to Work in a Textile Factory

Chicago, IL

It’s back to school time again, but with many schools moving to an online curriculum this year due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, parents in the United States are being faced with less-than-stellar options when it comes to childcare.

Households where both parents work outside the home are being forced to choose between shelling out up to $30 an hour for childcare, or having one parent stop working in order to manage their child’s e-learning.

Even parents that are able to work from home are struggling.

Steve Moore and his wife, Ellen, work in accounting. “Even with both of us working from home, between managing our companies’ daily workload and overseeing a five-year-old’s six-hour school day in 15-minute increments, we are finding it impossible to get anything done. We needed to find a better option.”

We also talked to mother-of-two, Tiffany Sills.

“When I heard that some of the other parents in the neighborhood were getting a bunch of children together in a controlled environment at a warehouse downtown and occupying their time for 12 hours a day, 5 days a week, I was completely sold. None of their day is occupied with screen time and they are even teaching them new skills in the textile industry. The best part? Hayden and Avery will end up making $2 an hour, each! Wow, just wow! I would have had to pay Rebecca $25 an hour just to watch them,” stated Tiffany.

“Our kids will be learning so much more that they would be with e-learning. They will learn how to make various garments such as women’s underwear, face masks, socks, and some of the older children will even get to learn to make replica handbags,” gushed Ellen.

With a 12-hour day for the kids, we even gain a few precious hours of alone time each day after we are done with work. We can clean up the house, get started on dinner, or just enjoy a few hours without listening to our offspring scream incessantly. I was raving about this program to my brother who got really excited, but unfortunately his 8-month-old is too young to participate.

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  1. I started, years ago, before I taught awhile, who invented school? Then, I realized, there are as many ways to teach as their are people. Imagine if there were schools addressing all the different interests, like cooking, automobile manufacturing, clothing design…. Wait, they do exist. And parents can adjust their teaching to the skills and interests they find in their children. ** A good friend, years ago, pulled a couple of his kids out of public school, then had them learn by interest (Of course, also providing the basic foundations.), and they’re all successful entrepreneurs. Many, or all, of their children too.


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