Homewreckers Relieved to Be Replaced by U.S. Border Patrol as Number One Cause of Destroyed Families

Many people have compared what is happening at the U.S. Border to Nazi Germany Concentration Camps or Japanese Internment camps. Democrats are rushing legislation to prevent the separation of families, but there is one group of people who aren’t as disturbed by what’s happening as you might think. 

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Man Dives Deep into Role Play, Accidentally Sells Own Kidney

“You hear about Daniel Day-Lewis staying in character for his roles and I wanted to be just as dedicated,” the project manager explained from his hospital bed. “I didn’t just become Maurice, I was Maurice. My-no, his first thought was ‘this fool left a whole extra kidney here. What a schmuck,’ ” at which point ‘Maurice’ went on Craigslist to find a buyer for the kidney.

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